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BCOME has given us the possibility of showing the truth and encouraging the entire team to do better and better.

Pepe Barguño, Founder Thinking Mu

Thanks to BCOME, we have impact data that has allowed us to create a roadmap for designing future collections, continue to improve our materials, processes and suppliers and make a product that is increasingly respectful of the planet and people.

Jorge Delgado, Supply Chain Specialist (Ecoalf)

Some months ago we started to become aware that we are part of the problem of the fashion industry. We’re not that small anymore, so we decided to move forward and started to work on the thinkgs that we are not doing well. That’s why we partnered with BCOME, so they can help us through the whole process.

Ignacio, Pompeii Project Manager

BCOME's work has been rigorous, transparent, effective, and at all times its monitoring has been continuous and purposeful

María Paredes, Positive Impact Analyst (Hemper)