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The Sustainability Platform transforming the fashion industry

BCome empowers textile and apparel businesses to build responsible supply chains, guarantee transparency and bring it to the final customer.


Collect meaningful sustainability data

Sustainability data for human beings in one place. Collect the data that matters from your whole value chain: from the raw material to distribution. Transform your data into sustainability knowledge, combining the three dimensions of sustainability: social, environmental & economic.

BCome data


Use impact as a business decision-making tool

Manage your business sustainably and transparently. Optimize the full life-cycle of every product. Make data-based decisions according to their global impact. Embark on a journey towards eco-design and transparency.

BCome knowledge


Enhance the connection with conscious consumers

Turn transparency and honesty into growth drivers for your brand. Share your main sustainability insights with your customers in an easy and cool way. Build trust and sell more, but mainly better by providing information regarding your commitment to a positive impact on the world.

BCome egagement


With BCome, you can improve your business, stand out from competitors and make a difference in the world all at the same time.


Incorporate sustainability as a business driver for your brand. Increase the conversion rates of your e-commerce up to 15%.


Elevate your organization's performance to a new level thanks to actionable data. Get substantial cost savings and risk reduction throughout your value chain.

Competitive advantage

Position your company above other brands with a sustainability-oriented approach. Boost your brand awareness and customer engagement.


Boost your positive impact by improving your environmental responsibility. Optimize your supply chain efficiency and reduce environmental and social impact.


guaranteed product references active worldwide


products connected with conscious consumers


impact data shared with our clients and their consumers


assets in our environmental and social BBDD

The journey with us

All in one platform

Take control of your supply chain, discover impacts behind and build your future through sustainability and transparency.


Be aware of and validate the location, conditions and trajectory of a product throughout the whole value chain.

Know & validate


Collect environmental and social impacts and the degree of sustainability performance of a product.

Collect knowledge


Share results and communicate more transparently to consumers.

Share your results


Drive transparency and sustainability transformation in every step of their value chain.

All their value chain

Thanks to BCome we have impact data that has allowed us to increase our conversion rate sales in 13%

Javier Bosque E-commerce Manager

BCome is a precious help for the understanding of our supply chain and our impacts on the environment, and helps us promote better purchasing behaviors to our customers.

Gaëlle Allamigeon Quality and Raw Material

Thanks to the support of BCome we can measure the impact of our products and show the results with total transparency to our community

Marta Magaña Brand Manager

Thanks to the BCome methodology we can evaluate our impact and communicate it to our clients in a clear and transparent way, following our principles of traceability and conscious consumption

Claudia Medina Mañer Communications Manager