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We believe in sustainability as a
driver of change.

Founded in 2019, BCome is a pioneer in the application of intelligent methodologies for global sustainability management and has more than 1 million traced, measured and evaluated products on the market.

Mission and vision

Our goal is to create a systemic change in the fashion industry. Our vision is to provide the knowledge and tools your business needs to make your production systems more responsible, efficient and promote your products in the most honest way. We believe it’s time to put an end to the lack of transparency and build enhanced models to improve the lives of people and the planet. We work to build a fashion industry in which profits for some don’t mean sacrifices for others. That’s the future that we are committed to designing, a future that is filled with knowledge that leads to action.

We work with every kind of company and products in the fashion industry We work with every kind of company and products in the fashion industry We work with every kind of company and products in the fashion industry We work with every kind of company and products in the fashion industry

BCome seeks to transform the textile sector into an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable model.

We understand that sustainability must be part of the brand culture and work from a multidisciplinary vision.

This approach enables companies to transform the way products are designed and produced with data-based knowledge that leads to action.


Behind every product is a whole world of development and processes with environmental, social, economic and ethical implications. We are committed to transforming products into data, data into answers, and answers into value.
Sustainability is...


the environmental impacts of the product.


extending the life cycle of an item.


the recyclability and circularity of a garment.


fair work for the people involved along supply chain.


with reliable and honest suppliers.


the production processes throughout the supply chain. .


the energy efficiency of production systems.


the distance the product travels along value chain.


irresponsible and thoughtless overproduction.


awareness about overconsumption.


closer to transparency rather than to buzzwords.

The only

possible future for brands in our finite world.

Sustainability is this and so much more, because, above all, sustainability is bigger than any claim you can read.

BCome embraces the multidisciplinary approach of sustainability to integrate knowledge and technology with the aim of accelerating the transition towards a systemic change in the fashion industry.

We rely on data rather than intuition to provide resources and solutions that allow your business to create honest products that respect nature, people and also enhance your competitive advantage.

We are here to contribute to the sustainable transformation of the fashion industry and promote a culture of responsible consumption and production.

BCome is part of the Google for Startups Climate Change Accelerator Program. We're working towards a more sustainable future alongside Google and other growth-stage companies to make a positive impact on the planet.
In 2021, BCome was certified by BCorp, recognising the company as an impact-driven business intentionally designed to create a positive result for its customers, the community, the environment and its workers.

Every great change is achieved thanks to a great team

BCome is valuable thanks to the people behind our technology. We are constantly looking for new professionals who want to embrace the transformation of the fashion industry.

What is our work philosophy?

We defend a horizontal structure and encourage communication between all team members. We are fans of constructive opinions, if you have something to say, say it out loud!

Our learning philosophy works both ways. We truly believe that we can learn a lot from fresh talent and we also like to share our knowledge regarding sustainability, environmental responsibility, transparency, ethics and positive impact. We firmly believe that we can change the world together through action and commitment.









Purpose driven