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Fighting greenwashing: How Thinking MU uses data to create meaningful sustainability claims

With Pepe Barguñó, Co-Founder and CEO at Thinking MU. Observe how BCome's communication tools have proven successful in the fight against greenwashing by enabling honest, clear and accurate claims.

Fighting greenwashing: How Thinking MU uses data to create meaningful sustainability claims

Thinking MU has used BCome’s technology to openly share its sustainability insights with its customers. Digitization tools have helped the brand create truthful communication backed by data, which enhances the company’s message and sets it apart from other fashion companies that make false claims based on greenwashing.

About Thinking MU: Honesty as a way of selling

Back in 2019, Thinking MU was one of the first fashion brands to trust BCome to assess their products throughout their life cycle. The Barcelona-based fashion brand stands out for its radical honesty and innovative approach within fashion.

Thinking MU‘s challenge: Stand out in a sea of ​​greenwashing

Pioneers in sustainable fashion since its creation in 2010, Thinking MU had to find solutions that allow the company to stand out in an industry that is increasingly saturated with fake sustainability claims. The company needed a tool to beat greenwashing and ensure that their messages were authentic.

The essence of Thinking MU lies in having a very critical attitude towards the environment and operation of the fashion industry. Although the brand has always approached it from a constructive point of view, for us it’s essential to measure the consequences that our activity has for the planet.

Pepe Barguñó, Co-Founder and CEO at Thinking MU

Thinking MU’s success story: Communicating honestly through data

In order to guarantee the credibility of their sustainability efforts and to be able to communicate in a more effective and honest way, Thinking MU decided to use impact and traceability data as an essential resource to bring transparency to their final customers.

By having access to sustainability data, Thinking MU is able to associate each of their products with over 30 sustainability insights. This has enabled the brand to make their sustainability report public year after year, showcasing environmental impact savings in comparison to industry standards, key traceability information and being critical about the weaknesses that the brand still needs to address.

The disclosure of impact data throughout the product life cycle is also a step forward aligned with the requirements established by the recently approved Green Claims law in Europe. Thinking MU complies with this regulation substantiating its communication through solid data verified by BCome, the third party that guarantees an accurate methodology behind all the information disclosed.

In short, brand benefits directly from data-backed transparent communication:

  • Increased consumer trust. Sustainability data helps to establish a loyal customer base that values sustainability and ethical practices.
  • Enhanced brand reputation. Honest communication has helped Thinking MU to differentiate itself from those that engage in greenwashing.
  • Promotion of responsible consumer behavior. By communicating impact data, the brand educates customers enabling a change in consumer attitudes towards sustainability.
  • Innovation driver. Impact data allows Thinking MU to identify areas where they can improve their environmental and social performance.

The data provided by BCome help us to give visibility to our impact in a simple, professional and understandable way. For us, this didactic work is essential and is directly linked to being able to inform our community of all the effort behind each garment.

Pepe Barguñó, Co-Founder and CEO at Thinking MU

BCome’s solution: Automated data sharing for those with nothing to hide

BCome’s digitization tools enable fashion businesses to connect their physical products to a digital experience. From labeling to e-commerce integrations, fashion brands can easily share their sustainability insights with their final customers. An automated process that allows full customization to decide what information you want to provide to your community with the highest priority.

Thinking MU e-commerce integration
This is how Thinking MU integrates its sustainability insights into each of their articles

The use of equivalencies to translate the impacts into more tangible indicators and the comparison with the fashion industry standard are some of the tools used by Thinking MU to transfer all this valuable information to its customers in a way that is understandable and approachable.

By scanning the label’s QR code, customers can easily access key sustainability insights that provide a better understanding of the garment’s impact.

With the help of BCome’s automated data sharing, Thinking MU can transparently communicate the journey and impact of each of its products throughout its supply chain, fostering a relationship of full transparency with its community.

Data helps us to be aware and to continue working and innovating at every step we take, from our suppliers to the production and distribution process of our product.

Pepe Barguñó, Co-Founder and CEO at Thinking MU

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