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Empower sustainability transformation with data, knowledge and technology

BCome is a smart, reliable and secure software that will enable your brand to lead the way towards sustainability.

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Download the ultimate research on the methodology to assess impacts in the life cycle of apparel and textile products.

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Technology for sustainability

Easy-to-use business platform serving your business goals.


Automated sustainability data collection no matter how big you are. Easy to use, easy to scale.


Total privacy and protection of your data thanks to a high security environment.


Synced and collaborative teamwork to keep all data in one place.


Predictive sustainability transformation thanks to machine learning technology.


Beautiful interfaces make presenting sustainability progress easy and attractive.


Cloud-based accessibility, 24/7, 365 days a year. Less hassle, more digital.

Everything you might need on your journey to sustainability

More than just a sustainability platform


Do you need a specific action plan? Contact us for our specialized consulting programmes adapted to your needs.


Boost your sustainability knowledge with our specialized online programmes provided by our experts.


Connect all your data, applications and APIs to BCome and gain efficiency, traceability and cohesion.

Finding a way to make sustainability easy is essential, BCome allow us to connect with the consumer in a simpler way

Carolina Blazquez Head of innovation & sustainability

BCome is a precious help for the understanding of our supply chain and our impacts on the environment, and helps us promote better purchasing behaviors to our customers.

Gaëlle Allamigeon Quality and Raw Material

Thanks to the support of BCome we can measure the impact of our products and show the results with total transparency to our community

Marta Magaña Brand Manager

Thanks to the BCome methodology we can evaluate our impact and communicate it to our clients in a clear and transparent way, following our principles of traceability and conscious consumption

Claudia Medina Mañer Communications Manager