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Measuring your way to circularity with Circular Economy Indicators & Weturn

With Anne Guihery, Textile Engineer at Weturn. Use BCome's Circular Economy Indicators to gain global insights into your product's life cycle. Measure circular performance, identify improvement opportunities and optimize resource utilization.

Measuring your way to circularity with Circular Economy Indicators & Weturn

Weturn and BCome joined forces to calculate the circularity of their R&D products. The goal was to gain a thorough understanding of the complete life cycle of these items, up to the end-of-life and recyclability.

Weturn: Turning unsold products into recycled textiles

Weturn is a French company revolutionizing the recycling sector for unused textile products. Their mission is to transform unsold items, fabric rolls and scraps into high-quality yarns. By reducing reliance on incineration and virgin resources, Weturn promotes circularity, compliance and profitability.

The challenge of closing the loop in fashion

Weturn, trusted by renowned fashion groups like LVMH, took on the challenge of proving the exceptional circular performance of their yarns.

Weturn encourages brands to take control of their stocks to put an end to their destruction. We want to be able to quantify our environmental impact and prove that circularity and local production are virtuous for the planet and for Humanity.

Anne Guihery, Textile Engineer at Weturn

The success of extending the life of fibers

By accessing circularity data, Weturn gains the ability to transparently showcase the enhanced performance of their yarns when compared to the industry standard. This includes aspects such as intensity of use, length of use or utility.

Weturn products subject to BCome’s study included 4 different casual wear garments: T-shirt, trucker jumper, women’s denim jacket, men’s shirt.

Intensity of use, length of use and utility of Weturn’s articles under analysis compared to the industry standard

This analysis verified that Weturn garments offer several circularity benefits:

  • The use of recycled and sustainable cotton fibers eliminates the need for conventional virgin materials.
  • Weturn adheres to several design solutions described by WRAP (2013) to improve the longevity of garments. These include:
    • Choosing high-quality fabrics and conducting rigorous performance tests, including colorfastness and resistance to pilling.
    • Providing clear and simple care and laundry instructions.
    • Incorporating adjustable features to accommodate fluctuations in body shape.

In addition to these advantages, Weturn garments present the following statistics that further demonstrate their circularity:

  • They are 63% more circular compared to their market alternatives.
  • Their materials have a linear flow that is 44% lower than the industry average.

Weturn is an expert in circularity and traceability, coordinating all stages of the circular economy, from collection to the development of new quality recycled yarns and materials. We’re constantly striving to improve and to prove that using natural, recycled, traceable and European materials is good for the environment.

Anne Guihery, Textile Engineer at Weturn

BCome’s solution: Measuring your way to circularity with CEI

BCome’s Circular Economy Indicators calculation, based on the MCI methodology from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, quantifies the shift from linear to circular flow in materials. Additionally, it evaluates the duration and intensity of their use in comparison to average products.

BCome Circular Economy Indicators Methodology

By using BCome’s CEI, Weturn has effectively measured the circularity of their items. This analysis establishes accountability and provides a comprehensive insight into how Weturn’s products minimize linear flow and maximize circular flow in materials.

Thanks to BCome’s analysis, we can implement corrective actions to further reduce our impact or those of our customers and act in the best way to preserve biodiversity and resources. 

Anne Guihery, Textile Engineer at Weturn

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