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Enhancing supply chain transparency with SAYE

With Patricia Bori, Product & Sustainability Specialist at SAYE. Discover the remarkable impact of BCome's traceability management system in providing greater visibility of the value chain.

Enhancing supply chain transparency with SAYE

SAYE uses BCome’s traceability tool to map its suppliers along its wide-ranging supply chain. From raw materials to warehouse, the visibility of its value chain has enabled the brand to identify risks and assess its sustainable performance.

About SAYE: Working for a better future

SAYE is a shoe company born in Barcelona that joins forces with BCome in 2021. Since then, the brand has been able to trace, measure, and evaluate their impact, which led to the collection of over 1K valuable sustainability insights. 

SAYE’s challenge: Lack of supply chain visibility

From Taiwan to Portugal, SAYE’s supply chain spans multiple countries. Despite having a close relationship with their suppliers, locating them accurately and obtaining information on their environmental and social practices was a challenge, making it difficult to identify weak points in their supply chain.

The analysis developed together with BCome has allowed us to see exactly where we are, what is the impact of each of our materials, our sneakers and our company

Patricia Bori, Product & Sustainability Specialist at SAYE

SAYE’s success story: Enhanced visibility for greater performance

With the aim of taking control over its supply chain, SAYE decided to develop the traceability of its 2022 Sneakers collection together with BCome.

SAYE’s far-reaching traceability has allowed the brand to know the origin of their raw materials by 99%. This means that they’ve been able to trace their supply chain to Tier 4 suppliers, despite the difficulty involved in doing so.

The success achieved by the brand in accurately identifying its suppliers and evaluating their best practices is essential for complying with the future European Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence, which will require companies to identify and assess risks on human rights, the environment, and good governance throughout their value chains.

BCome’s analysis has provided SAYE with valuable insights into their value chain, leading to potential improvements in sustainability efforts:

  • SAYE has identified that more than half (52%) of the materials used in their products come from Asia, prompting the brand to reduce supply relocation.
  • This evaluation has encouraged SAYE to set ambitious sustainability targets and work towards improving the sustainable performance of their products.
  • SAYE is currently developing a manifesto that showcases their commitment to achieving annual improvements in sustainability parameters measured by BCome.

Having the visibility of our supply chain has allowed us to see that all the extra effort that is made to look for a better material, a better supplier, a better quality and to be up to date with any innovation, is worth it

Patricia Bori, Product & Sustainability Specialist at SAYE

BCome’s solution: Traceability to improve transparency

BCome’s traceability methodology empowers businesses to track a product’s location, condition and trajectory throughout the value chain with ease and accuracy, providing awareness and validation.

The traceability developed through BCome allowed SAYE to classify its suppliers based on their life cycle stage, dividing them into suppliers of raw materials, materials and articles. Each group represented 1/3 of the final traceability rating for each item.

In addition, the features of SAYE’s products required the development of custom datasets to accurately track their supply chain. Some of these custom datasets include the textile finishing of Mango Vegan Napa, and the use of raw materials such as recycled mangoes and nopal cactus for coating.

We know that it isn’t a finished job. From now on we have to continue working and improving the weak points identified both in the supply chain and in the practices implemented by the brand and our suppliers. Being an example that things can be done well

Patricia Bori, Product & Sustainability Specialist at SAYE

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