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How BCome’s technology can take the complexity out of traceability in fashion

Digital tools will definitely make the difference to achieve full transparency along the whole value chain. Find out how BCome can close the gap in the fashion traceability issue.

How BCome’s technology can take the complexity out of traceability in fashion

Those who work every day to run a fashion business are aware of the complexity of supply chains in the textile sector. Fashion involves multiple actors in its supply and this complexity has given rise to different challenges that hinder delivery times, correct inventory management, as well as the application of sustainable practices. However, the emergence of innovative technologies such as BCome allows the fashion industry to simplify its supply chain, improving its efficiency and sustainability. Below, we show you how this Global Sustainability Management Platform can help optimize the traceability of your fashion business.

Supply chain management is a critical issue in the fashion industry that is affected by the many difficulties that textile companies face in achieving full traceability:

  • Lack of transparency. The struggle to improve supply chain visibility is ongoing due to the complexity of the industry and the involvement of multiple suppliers.
  • Cost optimization. Balancing the cost of production with the application of more sustainable practices can be a difficult task, particularly for those companies with limited resources and with little information about their chain.
  • Logistics and transportation. Managing logistics throughout the supply chain can be difficult, especially when suppliers are spread across multiple countries with differing regulations.
  • Inventory management. Textile companies must strike a balance between producing to meet demand and overproduction. Having the information that avoids excess inventory and waste is not easy.

One of the biggest challenges in the supply chains of the fashion industry is the lack of transparency. Most businesses rely on manual systems that are prone to errors, delays, and fraud. However, a technological solution such as BCome guarantees more accurate traceability thanks to the digitization of data.

Based on our work with more than 100 fashion companies around the world, we can point out the benefits that big brands such as Ecoalf, Mammut or Axel Arigato have obtained by managing their traceability through BCome:

  • Greater visibility. Traceability through BCome eases the registration and monitoring of each of the stages of the supply chain. This greater transparency can help identify possible bottlenecks, risks, as well as analyze the standards under which the items are being produced.
  • Better communication. Using a technological tool also facilitates communication between the different parts of the supply chain. At BCome we have developed a specific declaration system for suppliers, so that the business can transfer the data directly from the source.
  • Time reduction. Compared to the months it can take for a business to manage their traceability internally, our experience from working with multiple brands indicates that completing your company’s traceability through BCome will only take an average of 3-5 weeks.
  • Productivity increase. Using smart software allows companies to automate much of the time-consuming tasks. The savings identified are reflected both in the reduction of the equipment involved in completing the traceability and in the time invested in the related tasks. 

The benefits of using BCome to manage supply chain traceability are constantly growing due to the evolution of our tools. Our clients can sign up on a waitlist to be the first ones to know about the new features that will improve our traceability system. These features will be added to the platform very soon.

Data collection

Very soon, the data collection will also be digitized through the BCome platform. In a single click you can upload your form with all the information from the suppliers of your supply chain to let the magic of BCome transform that data into valuable information.


Our Product Lifecycle Management will land on the BCome platform to reflect all the stages of the supply chain of your collections. It’s a solution created to track and manage the flow of information related to products throughout their life cycle. You will be able to explore from the materials used for each item, going through its suppliers, production processes or logistical details.

Journey Map

Have you ever wondered what journey your products go through? At BCome we’re working so that you can soon have the Journey Map of your collections available through our platform. A tool through which you’ll be able to find out the scope of traceability for each of your products, explore the distribution of your suppliers and know in detail not only the traceability of your articles but also of your materials.

In short, BCome’s technology is in constant development with the aim of providing fashion businesses like yours with the most optimal solutions to simplify traceability and provide transparency to the entire supply chain.

If you are a company looking for a reliable and efficient traceability solution, we have the answer. BCome brings transparency to your chain, guaranteeing that your products meet the sustainability standards defined by your business. If you want to take your brand to the next level, don’t miss the opportunity to test BCome’s technology.

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