Who said greenwashing? This is radical transparency powered by BCome

At BCome, the leading platform for global fashion sustainability management, we believe that there’s only one way to practice transparency: through knowledge. Clothes don’t magically appear in stores. We give value to each of the processes that are hidden behind them. From the extraction of the raw materials to the delivery in the warehouse, our technology allows you to discover the journey that a garment has undergone until it reaches your hands.

We rely on data instead of intuition to promote a real change in the fashion industry. We challenge the brands we work with to improve their sustainable performance creating better products for the planet and the people.

Follow your principles, trust our methodology


Look for environmental labels and declarations that are verifiable, relevant and not misleading.


Demand that the methodology followed is always available for consultation.


Rely on methodologies that are rigorous and understandable to support sustainable claims.

Holistic approach

Sustainability claims should cover all stages of the value chain, they must refer to the entire life cycle

BCome planet

Multidisciplinary vision of sustainability

At BCome we believe in integrative sustainability, what does this mean? We go beyond making environmental impact assessments, we also offer our brands the possibility of evaluating their collections performance in four impact areas:





This area assesses good practice in environmental efficiency. and the responsible use of resources.

It refers to all practices created to ensure safe and ethical work, social and animal conditions.

It covers all the created practices and the commitment to the monitoring, definition and transparency of the value chain.

This area analyzes all the practices that promote actions aimed at circular production and consumption where resource loops are closed and valuable materials are recovered.

BCome's guidelines to beat greenwashing


If the claim only refers to a small part of the product, be suspicious of what they aren’t telling you.

Believe in

Seek confirmation of the information from a reliable third party.


Green is just a color, look for statements that address important environmental issues.

Question the first

Nice words and images can trick us, always look for a third-party endorsement.

Focus on what’s

Even if the claim is true it may not be of value to who is looking for sustainability.


It may be a good product in its category but still be part of a very questionable category.

Ask for
the truth

Don’t let brands fool you with claims that are simply false.
BCome transparency

Pursue transparency

We believe that sustainability is not a trend, but a must. At BCome, we want to make you part of our mission to transform the fashion industry, learn to distinguish between noise and valuable information that enables the creation of more sustainable products. Share your doubts with our sustainability experts, always happy to answer your questions with transparency and honesty.

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