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The keys to Ecoalf’s sustainable journey, a story of long-term commitment

With Loreto Ros, Sustainability Manager Coordinator at Ecoalf. Discover the inspiring tale of long-term commitment to sustainability with one of the brands that trusted BCome from the beginning.

The keys to Ecoalf’s sustainable journey, a story of long-term commitment

Ecoalf led the way in making fashion more sustainable even when others weren’t sure it could be done. They love pushing boundaries and were among the first to partner with BCome, the platform that helped the brand show the value behind their products.

Ecoalf: The art of finding raw materials where others only see trash

Founded in 2009, Ecoalf’s main goal is to minimize the use of natural resources by using mainly waste as raw materials – such as water bottles, fishing nets, tyres, coffee grounds or used clothes – which, through innovative processes, are recycled and transformed into fiber, yarn, fabrics and top-quality garments. 

The challenge of achieving sustainable growth

In order to grow as a company, Ecoalf recognized the need for each department to make decisions that consider not only economic outcomes but also involve sustainability impacts. This plan of action aims to implement a dual accounting system that combines financial criteria with ESG considerations.

BCome’s LCA tool has helped us develop products with less impact, improve our production processes, always looking for the best options that fit our purpose. In addition, it allows us to communicate interesting and easy-to-understand data and also helps us to anticipate the legislative changes that are happening in the sector

Loreto Ros, Sustainability Manager Coordinator at Ecoalf

The success of building a long-term commitment to society and the planet

To achieve long-lasting outcomes, Ecoalf understood that measuring the impact before making decisions was crucial, rather than assessing after the action. This proactive approach has been part of their strategy for years, as they strive to improve their sustainability each year within the company.

They continuously work to minimize environmental impact, driving innovation to create sustainable solutions and promote the circular economy from ecodesign processes and production to the end of the product’s life cycle. 

Evolution of the % of the supply chain traced by Ecoalf over the years

The traceability of Ecoalf’s supply chain, developed together with BCome, has brought them the following benefits:

  • Complete visibility of the supply chain, understanding the manufacturing details, locations and processes of their products at each stage.
  • Carefully choosing and approving suppliers for both garments and raw materials.
  • Reducing risks in every stage of the product’s life cycle and making sure suppliers follow environmental and social standards.
  • Continuously enhancing the supplier selection process to prioritize sustainability.
  • Collaborating closely with suppliers to minimize impacts, supervise materials, and monitor sub-suppliers.
  • Building strong, long-term relationships with suppliers.
  • Translating collected data into impact measurements to enhance production processes.
  • Bringing full transparency to their final customers.
  • Strengthen their commitment to protecting natural resources.

We have found in BCome the perfect partner to help us grow knowing our impacts. BCome results help us in making decisions when designing our products and in communicating our achievements. Since we were born we have been working to reduce our footprint by choosing our materials judiciously and working only with the most responsible suppliers

Loreto Ros, Sustainability Manager Coordinator at Ecoalf

BCome’s solution: Tracking progress thanks to impact measurement

BCome is the platform through which Ecoalf meticulously captures all data generated throughout the life cycle of their items. This enables the brand to obtain comprehensive Life Cycle Assessments for each product, making the evaluation of impact data easier collection after collection. 

Evolution of the number of references assessed since the beginning of the collaboration

As a result, Ecoalf gains deeper insights into the environmental impact of each product through BCome’s Life Cycle Assessment, which guides their efforts to make improvements in their upcoming collections.

Furthermore, Ecoalf extends its commitment to environmental awareness by delivering information to its customers through e-commerce and labels. This includes informing their end consumers about the environmental savings associated with each garment. To ensure easy access, every garment has a QR code, enabling customers to check this data whenever they wish.

Both BCome and Ecoalf are very similar, we have grown hand in hand. Each of us is an expert in our field, we are very clear about our purposes and the good thing is that we have fed back with our knowledge to improve a product that we believe will bring great changes in the world of fashion

Loreto Ros, Sustainability Manager Coordinator at Ecoalf

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