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Unlocking sustainability with human-powered technology: The impact of BCome’s custom support

Looking for more than just another tech tool? Our team of sustainability experts is here to support your business every step of the way. Get to know us and see how we can help.

Unlocking sustainability with human-powered technology: The impact of BCome’s custom support

The digitization that we are experiencing today has undoubtedly favored the promotion of sustainable initiatives in the textile sector. However, the complexity of the sustainability challenges in the fashion industry demands more than the use of a simple digital platform.

BCome emerges as a unique combination of technology and human expertise that seeks to support fashion companies on their path towards sustainability. Hand in hand with BCome, businesses move towards their goals surrounded by a team of sustainability and fashion experts who provide custom support every step of the way. Below we look at how this human-powered technology has a significant impact on unlocking sustainability in the fashion industry.

BCome is a precious help for the understanding of our supply chain and our impacts on the environment, and helps us promote better purchasing behaviors to our customers.

Gaëlle Allamigeon, Quality and Raw Material Manager at Axel Arigato

Sustainability support: Build a solid foundation for success

Sometimes fashion companies don’t have a sustainability department. This lack usually worries companies. However, one of the fundamental pillars of BCome is the deep knowledge in sustainability that its team has. Thanks to their extensive experience, our experts can offer you great support and become an extension of your company.

Whether it’s data collection, traceability validation or ensuring compliance with EU regulations, BCome’s sustainability experts are there to guide and assist you. Providing extensive knowledge and experience in multiple subjects:

  • Support in the evaluation of circular economy indicators, such as the calculation of the circular material index or the linear flow index.
  • Development of customized equivalences to equate your environmental impact with indicators that are more tangible for your audience.
  • Creation of a ad-hoc benchmark to compare the sustainable performance of your products with a specific scenario.
  • Creation of custom datasets that allow you to collect and analyze relevant data to measure and better understand your impact.
  • Support in obtaining primary data for the Life Cycle Assessment, providing you with accurate information on the environmental footprint of your products.
  • Drafting impact reports that summarize and clearly communicate your evolution in terms of sustainability.
  • Supervision of compliance with European regulations related to sustainability, ensuring that your company complies with legal requirements.

Thanks to BCome’s experience, textile companies can navigate the complexities of sustainability and make more informed decisions that positively impact their operations.

The analysis developed together with BCome has allowed us to see exactly where we are, what is the impact of each of our materials, our sneakers and our company.

Patricia Bori, Product & Sustainability Specialist at SAYE

Communication support: Disclose your sustainability achievements effectively

Clearly communicating your company’s sustainable practices and achievements is essential in today’s market. Due to growing concerns about greenwashing, fashion companies must ensure that their claims are authentic and verified. BCome’s team of communication experts can support you in developing a solid communication strategy to disclose your sustainable performance in an engaging way without losing rigor:

  • We help you validate your sustainability messages, ensuring they are accurate, verifiable and backed by data.
  • We support the creation of quality content, developing communication materials that highlight the sustainable features of your items.
  • We provide you with templates that make it easier to communicate your messages on social media and press, providing you with practical tools to convey your sustainable achievements clearly and effectively.

By using BCome’s communication support, companies can confidently disclose their sustainability performance, creating a strong brand image that resonates with the most conscious consumers.

Thanks to BCome, we translate complex data into everyday messages.

Carolina Blazquez, Head of innovation & sustainability at Ecoalf

Integration support: Seamlessly overcome technical challenges

In an era where e-commerce is essential for the success of a fashion brand, the correct integration of sustainability insights into your online store can add great value to the product. BCome recognizes this need and offers integration support to ease the display of your results in each of the descriptions of the assessed products. Our technical team guarantees that the most relevant data is incorporated into the product sheet, for this we offer you:

  • Customized labeling and e-commerce templates that allow you to attractively highlight the sustainable features of your products in your online store.
  • Custom templates for integration, facilitating the presentation of sustainability data aligned with the brand identity and structure of your e-commerce.

In addition, from the launch of our PLM tool, our technical team will be available to offer you support in the development of a customized integration of this tool created to ease the management of your traceability.

Thanks to the support of BCome we can measure the impact of our products and show the results with total transparency to our community.

Marta Magaña, Brand Manager at HOFF

Transversal support: Expand your team with our Sustainability Coaches

One of our greatest achievements is that our Sustainability Coaches act as an extension of your own brand team. These professionals walk alongside companies from start to finish, making the entire process much easier for them and putting all their knowledge at their fingertips. You will find them available to answer your questions, provide guidance and develop custom strategies:

  • Our Sustainability Coaches are a guide when it comes to developing traceability, which will make this process easier, facilitating transparency in your supply chain.
  • They also offer experience in reading and understanding the results of Life Cycle Assessments.
  • With the help of BCome’s Sustainability Coaches, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your environmental impact and identify opportunities for improvement.

Its goal is to train and empower brands, helping them implement sustainable practices effectively and successfully. With the help of these professionals, companies are empowered to take big steps toward creating a more sustainable future for their business.

For us it’s very valuable to understand in depth how we are impacting people and the planet in order to make strategic decisions. It’s difficult to make the right choices without reliable data. Having a third party like BCome works as a “seal of approval”. 

Isabella Spataro, CEO of Della Terra

We could say that BCome is a people-driven technology that combines the best of both worlds: innovative solutions and a great team of sustainability experts. BCome’s custom support enables fashion companies to implement sustainability throughout their operations, from data collection to traceability development to communicating results. By choosing BCome, companies have a competitive advantage and the guarantee that they won’t be alone on their path to sustainability.

At BCome, we understand that each fashion brand is unique, with different objectives and challenges that require active listening to understand and adapt solutions that align with the values ​​and goals of each company.

We are proud to offer a custom approach that fosters trust and synergy between BCome and players in the fashion industry. Would you like to see our technology in action and learn more about our team of professionals? We invite you to tour our platform so that you can experience first-hand how BCome can drive the sustainable approach of your company.

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