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Reshaping the fashion industry
through sustainability

The time has come for the fashion industry to decide to be sustainable or not. We are here to help you and respond to your needs.

One-fits-all platform

We work with all kinds of companies and products in the fashion industry

The complex supply chains, the multiple processes developed, the volume of people involved and the huge consequences caused by the textile sector, make sustainability in fashion a significant issue that requires an exclusive solution. Having analyzed more than a million products, BCome offers a methodology specifically conceived for the following products:


Leathers and eyewear


The data provided by BCome help us to give visibility to our impact in a simple, professional and understandable way

Pepe Barguñó Co-Founder and CEO at Thinking MU

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With BCome, we strengthen our commitment by going one step further in providing data on impacts and savings throughout the spinning process

Fabricio Mancebo Chief Brand Officer at Belda Lloréns

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Thanks to BCome we have impact data that has allowed us to increase our conversion rate sales in 13%

Javier Bosque E-commerce Manager at Ecoalf

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