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Your business and your team deserve the best partner to become sustainable

For real. Achieving sustainability doesn’t have to be hard. We make it simple.

Sustainability has gone from being a sales pitch to an essential requirement for any company in the textile sector. Whether due to industrial, collective or regulatory pressure, brands like yours are increasingly challenged to catch up on environmental, social and ethical management issues. Now more than ever, investing in sustainability is key not only in terms of environmental, social and ethical responsibility, but also to improve the economic efficiency and competitiveness for your business.

Sustainability is a must have

Sustainability is no longer an added value, but rather the core of the business model of any efficient and intelligent textile company that wants to endure over time, facing the current challenges of the fashion industry.

  • Supply chain fragmentation
  • Tougher legislation
  • More informed and demanding consumers
  • Climate emergency declaration

“The Sustainability Platform transforming the fashion industry” “The Sustainability Platform transforming the fashion industry” “The Sustainability Platform transforming the fashion industry” “The Sustainability Platform transforming the fashion industry”


More than technology

A solution combining in-depth human support and smart technology

End to end

We’ve got you covered, from traceability to end consumer communication

Integral Solution

360º vision combining the three dimensions of sustainability

Designed for people

Smart interfaces serving sustainability for an easy and safe experience

Trust our data, trust our method

Let our numbers speak for themselves


High Quality Data

+5000 sustainability datasets from internationally recognised LCA database.


ISO compliance

A sound methodology to assess the impacts of your product throughout their entire life cycle.


Sectoral expertise

A solution combining in-depth fashion and sustainability knowledge and experience.


EU Legislation-proof

Following the European Commission’s latest methodological recommendations.

BCome is a precious help for the understanding of our supply chain and our impacts on the environment, and helps us promote better purchasing behaviors to our customers.

Gaëlle Allamigeon Quality and Raw Material

Thanks to BCome we have impact data that has allowed us to increase our conversion rate sales in 13%

Javier Bosque E-commerce Manager

Thanks to the BCome methodology we can evaluate our impact and communicate it to our clients in a clear and transparent way, following our principles of traceability and conscious consumption

Claudia Medina Mañer Communications Manager

BCome allows us to know through science the impact of each phase in order to make better product decisions, modifying processes or promoting some designs over others

Fede Sainz Founder