AGEC compliance with BCome: the easy solution for fashion companies

French brand or selling in France? See how BCome helps comply with the law n° 2020-105 of February 10th, 2020 relating to circular economy

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Multiple global brands already rely on BCome for sustainable regulation compliance.

Ensure effortless tracking of the four AGEC law indicators


Incorporation of recycled materials

Release of plastic microfibers


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Save time and resources with BCome's automated data sharing


BCome offers traceability solutions that provide transparency across the supply chain, enabling transformation of data into actionable insights.


Integrate the indicators required by the AGEC law into your e-commerce and through the interactive experience with Smart Labels.

Address the AGEC law with BCome in 3 easy steps


Save 80% of your time coordinating the traceability of your supply chain with a single person from your team.


Get your impact data on BCome’s platform in just 7 days after traceability is completed.


Share in less than 30 minutes the required indicators by AGEC law using BCome's digitization tools.

Ease law compliance with BCome

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