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Guide: How to start with circularity in fashion

An action plan to change from a linear production system to a circular business model

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Circularity is a great challenge for fashion companies. The linear production model based on “take-make-dispose” has caused the depletion of natural resources apart from significant economic losses. The reintroduction of waste as raw material transforms the entire fashion value chain and implies a new conceptualization of products. Closing the loop as well as slowing the loop requires deep, wide-ranging corporate, structural, and cultural change.

What’s inside

Discover in this guide the key steps that your business should follow to move towards circularity and achieve an ethical, environmentally and economically sustainable production model.

Learn more about:

  • What are the main lines of action on which your business should focus
  • Key measures to minimize your resource consumption
  • Recommendations to slow down the production cycle of your products