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On-demand webinar: BCome Talks | How to achieve growth through the degrowth of resources with Munich

Explore fashion strategies for achieving growth by reducing resource consumption with Munich.

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Key discussion topics

  • Explore the history of Munich and its brand value proposition.
  • Understand their journey towards sustainability, including the triggers and motivations.
  • Uncover how Munich’s sustainable practices have shaped its culture and culture over time.
  • Join the conversation on how fashion brands can strike a balance between growth and minimizing their environmental impact.
  • Gain insights into Munich’s proactive approach to regulatory changes, such as the Ecodesign Regulation.

Sustainability is closely linked to reducing resource consumption. In this second edition of BCome Talks, we showcase that a fashion brand can achieve long-term growth without the need for excessive resource consumption.

Session held in Spanish, English subtitles available!

Meet the panelists

Juliana Penagos

Sustainability Director at Munich

Maria Prats

Sustainability Account Manager at BCome

Gema Terol Bernal

Head of Marketing and Comms at BCome