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On-demand webinar: Fashion Law in 30’ | Application guide to master the AGEC Law

Is the revenue of your fashion company €20M or more? Compliance with AGEC Law is mandatory starting this year.

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AGEC law with BCome

What you’ll learn

  • Key requirements introduced by the AGEC Law:
    • Detailed breakdown of product traceability
    • Communication about the release of microplastics
    • Disclosure of the recycled material in the product
    • Evaluation of the recyclability of the item
    • Analysis of the ability to be reused
    • Hazardous substance communication
  • Concerned stakeholders in the fashion industry.
  • Penalties for non-compliance and promotion of greenwashing.
  • Top tips & tools for compliance with this regulation.

In this 30-minute webinar, we discuss how fashion companies must address the AGEC law and we answer the most relevant questions from fashion industry professionals.

Meet the panelists

Mathilde Fiorletta

Environmental Engineer at BCome


Daniela Palacios

Sales Development Representative at BCome