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On-demand webinar: Fashion Law in 30’ | Complying with Green Claims Directive

Avoid greenwashing and learn how your fashion business should communicate in compliance with Green Claims Directive

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What you’ll learn

  • Key requirements introduced by the Green Claims Directive:
    • Substantiation from life cycle perspective
    • Requirements regarding comparative claims
    • Provisions on environmental labels and labeling schemes
    • Verification of claims and labeling
  • Concerned stakeholders in the fashion industry.
  • Penalties for non-compliance and promotion of greenwashing.
  • Top tips for compliance with this regulation.

What are the most pressing requirements of this Directive? How can you communicate sustainability without falling in greenwashing? When will these regulations come into effect?

In this 30-minute webinar, we discuss how the Green Claims Directive will impact fashion and we answer some of the most relevant questions from fashion industry professionals.

Meet the panelists

Alba Garcia-Betorz

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer at BCome

María Lasa Aresti

Sustainability Consultant & Social and Environmental Innovation

Gema Terol Bernal

Sustainability Comms Expert & Head of Content at BCome