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On-demand webinar: Intro to BCome’s Circular Economy Indicators (CEI)

Learn more about how BCome can boost the circularity of your fashion business through a CEI demo.

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What you’ll find out in this demo

  • All the metrics that are unified in BCome’s CEI tool:
    • Material Circularity Indicator (MCI).
    • Recycled content.
    • Total unrecoverable waste.
    • Usage potential.
  • Why this tool is essential for your fashion company:
    • Measure your items’ circular performance.
    • Find circularity improvement opportunities.
    • Report progress towards your circularity goals.
  • How to unlock the full potential of circularity with CEI.

In this session, we walk you through a live demo where you see in detail the tool that can boost the circularity of your fashion company and the upcoming features to be released soon.

Meet your guides in this demo

Daragh Cogley

Key Account Manager at BCome

Maria Prats

Sustainability Coach at BCome