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On-demand webinar: Intro to BCome’s e-commerce integration

Learn more about how BCome can boost the transparency of your fashion business through automated data sharing on e-commerce.

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e-commerce integration

What you’ll find out in this demo

  • All the features and information that can be automatically displayed through BCome’s e-commerce integration:
    • Traceability insights, including the new supply map.
    • Environmental insights: impact, savings and equivalences.
    • Eco-Score showing the sustainability performance index.
    • Customization options to fit your brand’s look and feel.
  • Why this tool is essential for your fashion company:
    • Full transparency of your item’s sustainability performance.
    • Automated process that saves time and resources.
    • Easy solution for data-backed claims required by regulations.
  • How to unlock transparency’s full potential with BCome’s e-commerce integration.

In this 30-minute webinar, we walk you through a live demo where you’ll see in detail the tool that can boost the transparency of your fashion company, and we also answer relevant questions from fashion professionals.

Meet your guides in this demo

Daragh Cogley

Key Account Manager at BCome

Maria Prats

Sustainability Coach at BCome