On-demand webinar: Introduction to BCome’s PLM dashboard

Dive into the key supply chain insights provided on BCome’s PLM dashboard for a better understanding of your traceability.

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BCome's PLM dashboard

What you’ll find out in this demo

  • All the features that are unified in BCome’s Product Lifecycle Management tool and its visual dashboard:
    • Data classified by chain stages, unlocking insights.
    • Dynamic traceability score calculation.
    • Detailed information per article, material and supplier.
  • Why this tool is essential for your fashion company:
    • Complete vision of your entire supply chain.
    • Instant platform access to traceability data.
    • Spotlight on improvement opportunities.
  • How to unlock traceability’s full potential with BCome’s PLM.

In this 30-minute webinar, we guide you through a demo where you can learn more about the tool that will boost traceability for your fashion company, and we also answer the most common questions from fashion professionals.

Meet your guides in this demo

Daragh Cogley

Key Account Manager at BCome

Maria Prats

Sustainability Coach at BCome