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On-demand webinar: Key action topics for EU sustainability regulations

The core sustainability issues that the fashion industry needs to address to align with EU regulations

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Key action topics covered by EU regulations

What you’ll learn

  • Core topics of European sustainability laws affecting fashion:
    • Ecodesign requirements
    • Mandates for textile waste management
    • Transparency measures
    • Communication and reporting obligations
  • Latest/upcoming sustainability regulations in Europe, e.g.:
    • The Anti-Waste for a Circular Economy Law
    • The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive
    • The Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive
    • The Green Claims Initiative
  • Top tips for compliance with these regulations.

What are the regulations on sustainability that are already approved? Does your fashion business have to comply with them? How should you address all the requirements?

In this 40-minute discussion, we delve into how sustainability regulations will affect the fashion industry in the European Union by answering some of the most burning questions from fashion industry professionals.

Meet the panelists

Alba Garcia-Betorz

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer at BCome

María Lasa Aresti

Sustainability Consultant & Social and Environmental Innovation

Daragh Cogley

Daragh Cogley

EU Bioeconomy Youth Ambassador & Key Account Manager at BCome