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Practical guide to address transparency and traceability in fashion

An approach to two of the great issues that concern the current fashion industry, transparency and traceability

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Transparency and traceability are the basis of the systemic change that the textile sector needs to experience. Historically, the fashion industry is one of the most delocalised and complex in the world. A garment can easily undergo more than 30 different processes and move from one factory to another as required, involving multiple actors. The lack of visibility along this chain prevents companies from understanding the true social and environmental impact of business practices and products. 

What’s inside

Discover in this guide how transparency and traceability can help your business obtain quality data from its value chain to promote more responsible solutions.

Learn more about:

  • How transparency and traceability can boost your business
  • The key points to address transparency in your company
  • How to develop the traceability of your supply chain step by step