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The Resilient Fashion Manifesto powered by BCome

1. Commitment to creating a shared business vision

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  • Provide strategic guidance, coherence and clarity in all decision making.
  • Periodically review the suitability of corporate strategies.
  • Promote innovative ideas to develop business goals.

2. Having a clear purpose that brings the company together

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  • Make sure the team’s goals are aligned with the purpose of the organization.
  • Practice active listening among all members of the company.
  • Encourage collective participation in decision-making.

3. Deep understanding of internal and external business environments

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  • Prove the ability to think beyond existing organizational boundaries and strategy.
  • Assess the changing business context, including legislation and competition.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders who share the organization’s purpose and vision.

4. Impactful and encouraging leadership

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  • Provide circumstance-adaptive leadership.
  • Encourage the sharing of lessons learned between departments to promote the adoption of best practices.
  • Assign responsibilities at all levels of the company to improve organizational resilience.

5. Building a resilience-supportive culture

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  • Define the values ​​within the business that build the organizational culture.
  • Involve people at all levels to promote company values.
  • Promote creativity and innovation to improve corporate resilience.

6. Promotion of experience and shared learning

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  • Enhance the value of information, knowledge and learning.
  • Make sure the information is accessible, understandable and appropriate to support the goals of the company.
  • Ensures that knowledge is shared with all business stakeholders.

7. Availability of resources and tools to tackle weaknesses

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  • Power tools that allow an agile response to changes.
  • Develop resources that ease the identification and response to change in a flexible way.
  • Train your employees with skills that empower the use of these tools.

8. Implementation of management systems

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  • Design management systems that contribute to corporate resilience, from supply chain management to health and safety management.
  • Assess how each system contributes to the overall resilience of the company and addresses weaknesses.
  • Improve cooperation between systems so that there is coherence in global management.

9. Support for constant improvement

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  • Monitor business performance to learn and improve from experience.
  • Ensure that performance management indicators respond to changes that impact business goals.
  • Show the commitment to improve the activities and abilities of the company.

10. Ability to think ahead and manage change

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  • Train business ability to adapt to unexpected events.
  • Develop the ability to change without compromising the company’s values.
  • Prioritize resources that help you be aware of situations that may influence the context of the company.

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