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From fashion to action. Learn how to unlock the footprint of your products

How sustainable are your fashion brand articles? Discover how your products can be transformed into data that can lead your business to make more informed decisions.

From fashion to action. Learn how to unlock the footprint of your products

Are you making efforts to develop textile products with a positive impact for the planet but you don’t know what their true environmental footprint is? We live in uncertain times in which sustainability has become a blurry concept that many brands use in vain. At BCome we believe in evidence over assumptions to ensure the creation of products that respect the environment. For this reason, we invite you to discover through a simple form the environmental impact of your fashion brand’s items. Share with us which of your products you would like to assess and you’ll receive a customized report. Easy and simple, that’s how our technology works!

Things are getting tough lately for sustainability data. Since news broke that Norway could ban brands that use the Higg Index to make sustainability claims, there have been plenty of headlines questioning the credibility of companies that support their sustainable performance through Life Cycle Assessment.

However, legislative pressure continues to push businesses to publicly disclose information about sustainability risks and opportunities. Next October, we’ll find out which criteria the European Union will consider mandatory to declare in corporate sustainability reports. For the moment, the directive states that it’ll be necessary to specify information regarding the following aspects:

  • Climate change mitigation
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Water and marine resources
  • Resource use and circular economy
  • Pollution
  • Biodiversity and ecosystems

At BCome we keep our vision of trusting knowledge to make decisions that support the sustainable commitment of fashion brands. Seeing the accusations of greenwashing against companies that make their impacts public, we defend data not only as a tool that offers transparency, but also enables transformation. We believe in the ultimate goal of knowing the impacts to make suitable decisions that allow us to design more sustainable products.

In a context in which the quality of public databases is underestimated, we encourage trusting partners who choose to continue working to improve the rigor of the data. At BCome we use our own LCA database in which the best available datasets are carefully selected and modeled based on their accuracy and technological, geographical and temporal representativeness.

Our technology is aligned with real change, being faithful to the recommendations of the EU Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) methodology.

At BCome we believe that information is the key to transforming the fashion industry, which is why we bring transparency to supply chains and therefore to the end consumer. We’re aware that there is still a long way to go, but we always work focusing on how we can accelerate this systemic change.

Knowing the impact of your products makes sense when that data becomes the driver of your sustainable growth. It’s only possible to improve what is known, with what product do you want to start materializing the transformation of your business?

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