Your guide to fashion regulations, compliance and key specifications: The Legislative Pantone Book

The ultimate resource for tackling the hottest issues facing the industry today beyond European regulations. Explore a comprehensive guide for full fashion business compliance.

Your guide to fashion regulations, compliance and key specifications: The Legislative Pantone Book

The fashion industry is being challenged like never before by the European Union to embrace sustainability. In an effort to establish more responsible standards, European regulations are evolving rapidly. In this context, at BCome we wanted to develop a tool that makes the work of all professionals in the textile sector easier: The Legislative Pantone Book. A guide designed to help companies in the fashion industry navigate the maze of legislation.

The legislative developments in the textile field promise significant changes. From essential requirements to ensure ecodesign to key standards for corporate sustainability reporting, companies face a series of new obligations. But how can the fashion industry address these developments proactively?

BCome presents the Legislative Pantone Book: the definitive guide for the fashion professional

This guide goes beyond European regulations and becomes a trusted resource to face the most pressing legislative challenges in the textile sector. Through a color palette, you will be able to explore different key areas of sustainable regulations, as well as discover specific steps to address these crucial challenges.

The Legislative Pantone Book covers a series of vital fields for regulatory compliance in the fashion industry:

  • Ecodesign. Focused on sustainable design requirements. This section details key regulations such as the Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation and France’s Anti-Waste Law for a Circular Economy (AGEC Law), among others.
  • Transparency. Highlighting the relevance of disclosure and communication of sustainable claims. Initiatives such as the Green Claims Directive or the Digital Product Passport are being explored.
  • Reporting. Addressing corporate sustainability reporting criteria. Among the regulations included is the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive.
  • Due diligence. Exploring risk assessment to identify negative impacts, as well as preventive and mitigation measures. This area includes new legislation such as the Due Diligence Directive on Corporate Sustainability.

Despite its informative nature, the Legislative Pantone Book is designed to encourage action. Its objective is to provide practical knowledge that allows professionals in the fashion industry to deal with new legislation immediately. Therefore, for each regulation, the guide includes:

  • Requirements introduced by legislation. Each regulation entails certain criteria that must be followed for compliance. These requirements establish the guidelines that companies must meet to operate in accordance with established standards.
  • Who must comply with these regulations. Identifying who is required to comply with these standards is essential to ensure that all relevant parties are informed. This information helps define responsibilities and roles within the organization and the supply chain.
  • Key specifications of each law. These specifications provide a detailed overview of the most relevant aspects of the legislation and help companies focus on the elements most critical to compliance.
  • Practical steps for implementation with BCome. Complying with regulations can often be a complex challenge. These recommendations ease the effective application of regulations. The inclusion of BCome as a technology partner adds value by providing tools that facilitate regulatory compliance.

In addition, at BCome we recognize the importance of being aware of the latest, which is why we have integrated a QR code into each legislation presented in the Legislative Pantone Book. This approach allows quick access to essential initiatives and relevant dates with a simple scan of the code, ensuring that the information is constantly up to date.

Side B of the Legislative Pantone Book: A basic glossary to understand legal language

We are aware that legal language can be confusing. In order to facilitate your navigation in this complex field, the Legislative Pantone Book includes a glossary of legal terms on its back. In this way, we ensure that you avoid getting lost in the jargon, allowing you to fully understand the implications of each regulation.

If you are interested in receiving a printed version of the Legislative Pantone Book in your fashion business, we invite you to complete our form. We will consider your application and define how your company can establish a valuable relationship with BCome.

At BCome, we want you to know that you are not alone on this journey towards sustainability. Our team is available to guide you through the complexities of the legislation. The combination of technology and human support is an essential alliance. Embrace change, comply with regulations and lead the way towards a more sustainable future in the fashion industry with BCome.

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