Sustainability Handbook 2024: Evolving Fashion Resilience

Address the challenges ahead to create opportunities for innovation and growth in fashion. Learn from leading sustainability experts like Textile Exchange.

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What lies ahead for the fashion industry in 2024? At BCome, the leading platform for global sustainability management in fashion, we’re foreseeing the potential outcomes stemming from the events of 2023. Explore these challenges, understand how they might impact your business and learn the crucial steps needed to address them successfully.

What’s inside

Explore the handbook unveiling the 7 challenges shaping the fashion sector’s future for months ahead. Delve into the emerging opportunities that will empower your fashion business to enhance resilience and foster growth throughout 2024.

Learn more about:

  • How worldwide issues have disrupted the fashion industry.
  • The current state of the fashion business in figures.
  • Fashion’s latest pivotal events.
  • Fashion leadership testimonials: interview with Textile Exchange, Hallotex and GIZ.
  • The top challenges to tackle in 2024 and key action to take.
  • How to put resilience into practice through fashion success stories.