Reshaping the fashion industry through sustainability. New BCOME website

Welcome to a new era for BCOME! We relaunch our website with the aim of being closer to those who seek to create a change in the fashion industry.

Reshaping the fashion industry through sustainability. New BCOME website

It is nothing new that the challenges facing the fashion industry are constant and growing: crisis in the supply chain, changes in legislation, new consumer awareness… together with the uncertainty of our geopolitical reality and a pressing climate crisis that will not stop if we do not act now. That is why, from a sustainability platform such as BCOME, we feel the responsibility to accompany our brands not only by providing a technological solution that facilitates resource management from a sustainability perspective, with all the benefits that this entails for a brand and for society in general, but also in terms of how we do it: with simple, clear communication that is aligned with the objectives of companies in the sector.

For this reason, we wanted to update our main channel of communication with our potential users – our website – by developing relevant information about BCOME in more detail, which responds to how we understand sustainability and technology for the service of sustainability in the fashion industry: as the only business lever capable of keeping a sector afloat that needs to optimize resources, reduce its environmental impact and rethink (or strengthen) its business model if it wants to last in time.

What will you find on the new BCOME website?

In this new BCOME introductory letter, our intention has been to include key aspects of our project, both our approach as a platform and our multidisciplinary vision of sustainability with its implications at environmental, social and economic levels.

For BCOME, sustainability is a new paradigm of business management, whose results we wanted to reflect through some success stories, and which is possible to achieve thanks to the 3 keys that our solution pivots on:

  • Meaningful Sustainability Data
  • ​​Impact business decision-making tool
  • Enhance connection with conscious consumers

We also invite you to discover the rest of our sections and content around BCOME and our vision of sustainability:


How BCOME meets the needs of a fashion company’s different business units according to roles:

  • Executive Directors
  • Marketing Executives
  • Product Designers
  • Supply Managers


The features of our software from a functional and usage perspective.


Why BCOME is the partner you need on your journey to sustainability.


Our mission and vision as a company committed to the industry and the world, our values and our essence.

And very soon we will also publish a section with Resources aimed at sharing all our knowledge about the what and how of sustainability in the fashion industry, through downloadable guides, whitepapers, webinars… We know that technology without method is useless, that’s why we want to accompany our brands in discovering how to successfully make the journey towards sustainability, joining them every step of the way.

As we do with our service, we will be delighted to receive your feedback on this new BCOME introductory letter. And if you want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us for a demo. Let’s create change together!

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